A day in the life of a student bodybuilder

5:45AM: The alarm goes, unfortunately time to get out of bed and have my first already prepared meal. (This is a typical bulk day building up size to competition so no fasted cardio, which would have been the reason for the alarm in the last few weeks leading up to a competition)

6:00AM: Finally out of bed, teeth brushed and face washed. Time for meal 1

Meal 1: Oats, Scrambled Eggs (2 Egg Whites + 1 Yolk) and a Cup of Coffee

7:00AM: Time to get in the shower and get all my stuff ready for a busy Monday. I start lectures at 9AM and finish 4PM today and I will be training straight after lectures say at 4:30PM

8:15AM: Ready to leave just in time to catch the bus at 8:30AM which takes 15 minutes to get to the university giving me some time or I could leave slightly later and walk to the university in 20 minutes but not today; not with 2 fully packed duffle bags (University Bag with food cooler bag containing 4 prepared meals and Gym Bag).

Content of my gym bag today: 

  • Wrist Wrap
  • Lifting Belt
  • Mark Bell Sling Shot
  • Gold’s gym vest
  • Athletic Apparel Slim Fit Joggers
  • Resistance Bands
  • Elbow Wraps
  • 3 Shaker Bottles and Water Bottle (Very Important to stay hydrated through the day)
  • Evogen EVP Plus (Pre-Workout)
  • Evogen Aminoject (Intra-Workout)
  • Evogen CELL K.E.M (Post-Workout)
  • Shake Mixture of My Protein Impact Isolate Whey, iBCAA, L Glutamine, Glycogen and Creatine Monohydrate in a tub to be consume at different food intervals through the day.

9:00AM: Time for my first lecture: ENG2094 Control which is a two hour lecture and oh I forgot to mention, I am studying engineering at the University of Surrey. How does this tie together with bodybuilding? The answer, it doesn’t; bodybuilding is a passion which has developed over time for me and Engineering is education based on my strong points and interest. I usually sit at the back of this lecture and to be honest most others and the reason being 9:00AM is the time for my second meal. Yes, I eat while the lecture is going on which to be fair only takes about 15 mins but it has to be done. As a student, I don’t have 24 hours to dedicate to bodybuilding which means I have to plan my time well and multitask when I have to and that’s just how it is.

Meal 2: 10oz Chicken Breast, 1 Cup of Brown Rice with Mix Vegetables and Asparagus

10:50AM: Consume 2 Scoops of my shake mixture with water on my way to Lecture 2: ENG2090 Electronic Instrumentation at 11:00AM

12:00PM: Meal 3 in the 15 min break time given in the Electronic Instrumentation lecture which is my second two hour lecture of the day

Meal 3: 10oz Beef Steak, 2 Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli 

1:00PM: Library to catch up on some work for an hour before my next lecture ENG2093 Numerical and Experimental Methods at 2:00PM which will run until 4:00pm, but hey it’s my last lecture. I would also have another shake in this hour.

3:00PM: Meal 4 in the break time given in the numerical methods lecture. This is a very important meal as it is my pre-workout meal which I always try to take an hour or slightly more before my workout to allow the food to settle.

Meal 4: 10oz Chicken Breast, 1 Cup of Brown Rice with Mix Vegetables and Asparagus
Yes, it is the same as meal 2. As a student who is not sponsored or bodybuilding full time, it is hard to have a wide variety in a day as this would prove costly and time consuming for meal preparation. I usually prepare two different sources of protein, two different sources of carbohydrate and I also try to have a variety of vegetables which will make 10 different meals; 5 of each for two days.

4:00PM: Lectures are over and it’s time to head to the gym for my first chest session of the week. I train chest, legs and back twice in a week, targeting different parts with different exercises on the different days and I train every day of the week.

4:20PM: Just got off the bus at the gym and consuming my Evogen EVP Plus Pre-Workout to allow it kick in in 10-15mins when I start my workout.

4:30PM: All changed into my gym gear (check out athleticapparel.co.uk and use code IM3FIT10 for a 10% discount), Evogen Aminoject mixed with water to fuel my work out and performed some stretches and warm up to get the muscle ready for a killer session which I will take you through.


Warm-up and Stretches (I always try to stretch or warm up all muscles I know will be heavily involved in my workout) 

  • Dynamic Chest Stretch (Chest)
  • Elbows back (Chest)
  • Elbow circles (Shoulders)
  • Shoulder circles (Shoulders)
  • Upward stretch (Chest and Shoulders)
  • Triceps stretch (triceps)

Chest Routine (Primary Focus: Middle Chest)

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press
    20Kg for 15 Reps (Warm Up)
    60Kg for 10 Reps
    100Kg for 8 Reps
    120Kg for 6 Reps (Using Slingshot)
    130Kg for 4 Reps (Using Slingshot)
    140Kg for 2 Reps (Using Slingshot)
    120Kg for 4 Reps with 12KG equivalent resistance bands (Using Slingshot)
    100kg for 6 Reps drop set to 60Kg to Failure
  • Butterfly Machine
    20Kg for 15 Reps (Warm Up)
    40Kg for 15 Reps
    50Kg for 10 Reps
    70Kg for 8 Reps
    80Kg for 6 Reps
    50Kg for 10 Reps (Rest for 10 seconds and Repeat to failure)
  • Standing Cable Chest Press Superset Straight-Arm Dumbbell Pullover [20Kg Dumbbell, 10 reps]10Kg each side for 15 Reps (Warm Up) + Superset
    15Kg each side for 10 Reps  + Superset
    20kg each side for 8 Reps + Superset
    25kg each side for 6 Reps  + Superset
    15Kg each side for Reps to failure + Straight-Arm Dumbbell Pullover to failure
  • Finisher (Dumbbell Flyes)
    Using 16Kg dumbbells Focus: Open chest as wide as possible and slowly squeeze keeping the tension without bringing together the dumbbells)

The following exercises are performed back to back for 1 set

0 degree bench angle X 10

30 degree bench angle X 10 

45 degree bench angle X 10 

60 degree bench angle X 10 

(30 second rest then repeat circuit for a total of 3 sets with 30 second rests in between sets)

5:45PM My workout today is done and I immediately consume my post workout; Evogen CELL K.E.M back in the locker room before I get changed.

6:00PM On the bus back home, it is ideally time for meal 5 but I will have it in another 5-10 minutes as advised on the CELL K.E.M instructions to consume 20 minutes prior to post workout meal.

Meal 5: 10oz Beef Steak, 2 Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli

7:00PM Back at home and had a shower, time to wash up my meal tubs for the day and then play some FIFA and catch up with the boys as we didn’t train together today due to our different day lengths and schedule.

9:00PM Time for my last meal of the day. Yes I eat this late because I sleep quite late and that’s my lifestyle and I would advise eating your last meal 3 hours before you go to bed at the least. You have to adjust your eating pattern to fit into your lifestyle.

Meal 6: 10oz Chicken Breast, 1 Cup of Brown Rice with Mix Vegetables and Asparagus

9:30PM Got a lab at 9:00AM tomorrow so I have to do my prep work for it and look at client emails before I head to bed at about 12:00AM to 1:00AM well 12:00AM but then I stay on my phone for about an hour before falling asleep as most youths do. Goodnight!!!

By Ime Bassey Antiah

ATHLETIC APPAREL: www.athleticapparel.co.uk for 10% OFF Use CODE: IM3FIT10
SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: IM3FITNESS Snapchat: Im3_Ba55ey Twitter: Itz_Bassey


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  1. An education in engineering relates to bodybuilding in some ways. Discipline is one. The other is the word itself. Engineers design and build things. I’d say your engineering your physique. See…? It’s all relative.


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