Canadian meets Grime

Grime music has been on a rise globally with artists such as Krept & Konan, Tinie Tempah and Chipmunk collaborating with American mainstream artists. Admittedly these are all big achievements in their own right, however on 24th Feb came a huge moment in British music history. One of the biggest names in hip hop right now, Drake, announced via his Instagram that he had signed to independent UK label Boy better know.

For those of you that don’t know what BBK is let me give you a little back story. BBK was founded in 2005 by grime artist Skepta and his brother JME as a means of publishing their own music. The label includes artists such as Wiley, Jammer, Frisco, DJ Maximum etc and has produced records like ‘Too Many Man’ and ‘Goin’ in’.

What made Drakes’ announcement even more significant was the fact that he left the Brit awards, after his performance on ‘work’ with Rihanna, to perform with Section Boyz in Shoreditch. The Brit awards is a platform that rarely, if ever, gives grime/garage music its due recognition, therefore many people were happy to see some light being shone on the grime scene in some way. This was definitely reflected in the twitter reaction. Tweets such as the ones below circulated social media.

Photo 06-03-2016, 22 19 00

Photo 06-03-2016, 22 19 42

With grime being one of the few things that was born out of black Britain it’s obvious why there was such hype around this event.

So what does this mean?

Well, it shows that grime is a genre to be noticed on a global scale. Having the backing/recognition from drake and Kanye, (after his performance last year at the Brits) definitely brings British talent and lifestyle to the mainstream stage.  So much so that we had tweets, like the one below, insinuating Drake’s efforts to ‘become one of us’.

Photo 06-03-2016, 22 31 32

Is this what grime needs to take it to the next level? I guess only time will tell. Grime artists have never needed the approval of ‘mainstream’ artists, but now that they have it, it’s something they should exploit.

Let us know what your thoughts are.

By Toro Kehinde

Twitter & Insta: Toro_ox

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