Guillaume Beauty Interview

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This month’s inspirational female entrepreneur: Sasha Jokomo

Q: Tell Us about your business/What inspired you to start?

My skincare line is a 100% organic, luxury skincare brand.

It came to me 2 years ago; I really wanted to fill in a gap in the market as I feel not enough brands take enough care in regards to their customers skin. I want to build a brand that helps educate and empowers women especially, specifically women who feel less confident due to skin issues.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

The legal side of things. there just isn’t enough information about how to set up a legal company for organic skincare products, because there are different laws in place when branding something as organic. There are definitely barriers to entry in this industry, from lack of info, business insurance, getting your products tested, marketing, packaging etc. Especially because I had to research all these things myself .

I also do all the packaging, labelling and making of the products myself, so I have to work with many different suppliers. For example, ingredients such as jojoba wax isn’t sold on my main supplier’s website so I had to go on amazon to buy it, which was a lot more expensive. But I am more concerned at the moment with the quality of my product and the final brand as opposed to will people buy my product because I feel like that is something that will naturally happen once I prove myself via the quality of my product.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business?

Just start, there’s no better feeling of empowerment from just starting. Once you really really love what you’re doing and are passionate, despite it being hard at the start you’ll find that the more you learn about your chosen industry the more excited you’ll get at what value you can add.

Give yourself a realistic time period, do not compare yourself to what other people are doing, because its so easy to look at someone else and say ‘oh they are already packaging their product’ or ‘oh, they are already shipping worldwide’, if you just focus and believe in your product and let your plan take its course it will all work out.

Q: What’s been the most rewarding part?

Seeing peoples’ reactions to what you have made, for example, I usually Snapchat when I’m sampling, and I get so many messages from people saying what is that? can we test It? Similarly, receiving dm’s from people saying their surprised that I actually make my products myself. It’s amazing when people see your passion and they share that passion with you, like today when me and a friend were talking and she expressed how much she herself loves and is interested in skincare, that excites me.

Q:How can you see your business developing in the future?

I hope to establish a brand which is believable, efficient, loved and a brand that, no matter how big it gets, always listens to the consumer and still keeps to the ethos of being organic & natural and never losing sight of why I first started.

Facebook & Insta: @Guillaumebeauty

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