Lintivity App Interview

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This month’s inspiration male Entrepreneur: Ire Adewolu

Q: Tell us bit about your business.

I’ve created an Android app that helps people, from keen sportsmen/women to people interested in picking up a sports hobby, to meet up locally to create social sporting. For example one practical use of the App would be, if you are in hyde park and you want to play 5 a side football but you’re one person short, you’d go onto the app and search locally in your area for someone willing to join the game.

Q: How did you come up with the concept?

Well I play football, and there have been many occasions where I’ve been with friends and we’ve wanted to run a tournament or just play 5 a side but there wouldn’t be enough of us. Similarly, when talking to people I saw that this was also a problem with other activities such as running. Some people were keen to start running but were put off because they didn’t have a running partner and their friends were too lazy to join them. This gave me the idea to create a service to solve this sort of problem.

 Q: How did you start your business?

 I was in my final year of university and after reading a lot about start ups and how to create your own app, one day I just decided to pursue it. This skill was purely self taught, whilst studying for my degree. I have also done everything else myself, from creating the website to marketing etc.

I started building the app on android, creating different mock up until I achieved what I wanted, this process took about 3 weeks. I gave myself the 3 week deadline because I wanted to launch the app during the Easter so that I could focus on my exams.

Q: Where did the name come from?

I wanted to link sports, a form of activity, and the concept of ‘linking people together’ into one word. So I came up with Lintivity.

Q: What was the hardest part about starting your business?

The hardest part was trying to simplify the app, a lot of the big name apps such a Instagram and snapchat, are very simple and easy to use. So it was hard trying to find the balance between not having too many ‘unnecessary’ features and having the right features. I didn’t want to bombard people with different functionalities but still wanted to have enough there to attract people.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part?

Seeing people use the app and get value from it. For me thats incredible, building something, showing it to the world and having them appreciate it. It’s great.

Q: In terms of teaching yourself how to build the app – how did you go about it?

Using google and youtube videos mainly. For example if i had a problem, say I wanted to make the page red, I’d type into both google and youtube ‘how do I make my app page red’ and lots of different sources would come up for me to find my answer.

Q: Lastly, Where do you see your app & business progressing in the future?

I have had requests for the app to be put onto IOS, but due to other priorities right now e.g. finishing my degree, I have to put these developments on hold until I am able to commit to it fully.

Twitter: @lintivityapp

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