When we think of Black British culture, the first thing which often comes to mind is Grime. We have really established ourselves on a global stage with our new genre of music which has succeeded others such as Funky House. But lets take some time to appreciate some other forms of our culture such as our fashion sense from back in the day…

  1. Kickers- Everyone’s school shoes at some point during secondary school:



2. The rosary– It did’t really matter whether you were catholic or not in order to have about 5 of these in different, bright colours:


3. Dummies– usually held by a chain around our necks and used for the fleekiest of selfies:


4. Gel slicked hair (usually with diamonds, ribbons, laces, or lollipops):



5. Just Do It bags– Literally everyone’s standard school bag:



6. Sony Ericsson Walkman phones– The best phone to play out loud on the bus because earphones mean nothing to you:



7. But then we progressed to the trusted BBs and had a whole new form of social media. BBM:


8. Matching our tops and laces in all sorts of bright colours:


9. Everyone’s P.E bag no matter how many holes were in it:

JD Sports

10. Keffiyeh (scarfs), which we again had in all sorts of bright colours:


11. Nike pouch bag to carry all your small essentials:


12. Square diamond earrings:


By Priscilla McGregor-Kerr

Twitter & Insta: @Cillahope_

The Move

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