Why Recruitment Is Just Like Online Dating!

Unrealistic Expectations – We all have our perfect match in mind. Mine being a tall South American who loves Arsenal and Little Mix.  Whilst it is an ideal I dream about way too much and genuinely believe I will find each time I login to my dating app. In reality the chances are slim to none.

Recruitment is the same, where candidates with little experience demand a salary that is beyond their years. Whilst the employer wants a top senior candidate but for a salary of a junior.

People have ulterior motives – People love to have their ego boosted. Some people go on dating sites whilst they are in a relationship. Not because they want to cheat or be a dirt bag. Just simply to get their ego massaged and know that people are still interested in them, even though they are off the market.

Candidates are the same, taking calls from recruiters, going as far as amending CV’s and even accepting interviews. Whilst all along they had no intention of attending. They just want the satisfaction that their skills and experience are desirable. Then there’s the employers who already have a candidate they have offered a role. Yet still engage recruiters to start a recruitment campaign and send them candidates. Just so the client can use it to compare salary expectations and use it as a measuring stick against their candidate.

Everyone tells a white lie – Dating and recruitment is all about selling yourself and it’s hard not to stretch the truth! I’m a 6ft1 skinny beanpole but my dating profile says 6ft3 with an athletic build. We like to say what people want to want to hear. CV’s are no different, so everything should be taken with a pinch of salt. We regularly find ourselves having to interrogate candidates about their experiences and see who crumbles like an Arsenal title challenge.

In recruitment the holy grail is getting exclusivity to recruit a role. Sometimes the client is a bit coy and says they cannot offer exclusivity forever, but for a week or so you will be the only recruiter working the role. In reality they mean that the role has been open for months and multiple recruiters have been engaged and since given up working the role.

Don’t Judge a book by its cover – No one likes filling out a dating profile and not everyone is photogenic. It is hard to show your personality when writing it out in words. Chances are it is going to be poor and not a true reflection on the individual, so give them a chance! The same goes for writing CV’s, it’s not an enjoyable task. So forgive the poor grammar and poor layout. Pick up the phone and speak with the candidate about their experience and find out what they’re really about. Sure there will be a few catfish along the way, but you could find a nice fish. Like a Salmon or something.

Plenty more fish in the sea – Everyone has had the moment when they thought they had found the one. The Ying to their Yang, then ultimately they were never as serious as you thought. You comfort eat, feel empowered by Taylor Swift’s lyrical genius and binge watch series on Netflix. The pain passes and you realise that there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

There is always more than one person that would be suitable for a role. When a perfect candidate drops, there will always be another option. When a client pulls a role you have been working on, there will be other employers to put CV’s in front of. Persevere and swipe right enough times, keep putting yourself out there and brush off rejection. You will find the one.

P.S. Ladies I’m still single…

Written by Emeka Nwaubani

Linkedin: Emeka Nwaubani


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