Black History Month

Black history month.
Black history.

Already some will start to feel uneasy,
Controversial topic, offence comes easy,
So be prepared to disagree,
But my words come unapologetically.

Black history month.

A month? Our history crammed into a month?
I mean we cram appreciation for parents into a day,
so maybe I shouldn’t complain…
but 31 days?
And we use them to remind the world that we were slaves,
and strain our ears to hear the chains…
No wriggle room on those boats for days…

We sit screaming ‘feel sorry for us!’
With pushed up lips pleading for sympathy.
As we force the idea that we haven’t progressed much, Black activists turning in their grave as we sit pitifully.

I struggled to write this.
We DO get broken down so of course we’ve got to shine light on this,
But why?!

Why is it we hear less song amongst a soulful culture because we are louder when we cry?!
My unapologetic brown skin,
a witness to my yawns
after repeated talks of slavery
and how we always have it hard.
But we have come so damn far.
Yes, we have it hard,
But rewind and look how far we have come.

Yes. Black brothers and sisters still stay victim to police guns,
In SOME places like America. And we will fight.
But we spend more time screaming,
‘We are still chained!’ than saying ‘Wow, look how far that black man/ woman came!’
Now I am not saying we should not notice that racism still sits among us,
But please let’s not forget the greatness that sits among us.

Black history ‘month’ is our chance to shine,
Not press rewind and linger in the negativity that aggression leaves behind.
31 days. What a shame that the world can only handle our successes in stages.

This month.
Reminiscing on past pain,
The same names. No less great, but what do we gain?
From repetition.
Overlooking the history that we make each day,
Yesterday is history too, let’s celebrate new names,
And neighbours pushing boundaries without the fame.
I’ve seen more curls than weave this year,
Black owned businesses getting more support this year,
Plenty black graduates this year,
Black actors and actresses shining bright this year.
Hashtag #melaninpoppin this year,
Pride in the beauty of our people this year.
Afrobeats a favourite among mannyyyy in recent years,
Carnival seemed a lot safer this year..

We shouldn’t be slave to these 31 days.
As if we can’t be recognised throughout the year,
Embrace our culture without fear
that we are less intelligent, less beautiful, less.
Even before the chains we were great too.

When will black history be equal enough to be called ‘history’?
When will all cultures be covered in the syllabus equally?

Black history month.
Black history.

By Shanice Angelina                                                  For more visit

Contact her on

The Move

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