You Do Not Understand

We wake to yet another hashtag, more innocent blood splattered
We pray for our brothers and sisters and you reply with- “All lives matter”
You do not see the pain and suffering inflicted on black lives
Because you sit from a place of comfort, casually turning a blind eye
You feel very little sympathy for the grief of fathers and mums
As they bury the lifeless bodies of their murdered daughters and sons
You believe lives could have been spared “if only they had complied”
When the truth is lives WOULD have been spared if only they were white
You tell us to get over it, stop making such a fuss
You don’t feel, or see, or understand, the things that are happening to us
and you offer little comfort in your  “I feel bad for you BUT..”
Keep your half hearted sympathy, it isn’t welcome here
Especially if you can watch the footage of Philando Castile and not even shed a tear
If you can hear Eric Garner say ‘I cant breath’ and not even feel his fear
And I guess you believe the death of Sandra Bland was everything as it appeared?
If you can justify 12 year old Tamir Rice shot dead as he played on the swings
Then your sympathy offers no comfort to us and it’s humanity that you’re lacking
You need to educate yourself more and learn the importance of empathy
Which I know must be hard if you’re living a life of white supremacy
Please understand we are tired, weighed down with the invisible chains we’re bound to
Our hearts are heavy with the prejudice and inequality that we’re subjected to
Feeling the depression of oppression, feeling deprived of equal rights
So when you respond with “all lives matter” it further creates that divide
If all lives really mattered then we wouldn’t need to remind you
That we know all lives SHOULD matter and that black lives matter too
We will march and we will protest in solidarity, until they do
Because Martin Luther had a dream and we wont stop ’til that dream comes true.

By Danielle Brown                                 For more visit:

Contact her on:

The Move

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