Thailand Travels

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – St. Augustine.

Now I’ve heard this quote before but to see it validated was an amazing experience l was blessed with this summer. Backpacking throughout Thailand and witnessing the uniquely beautiful citi14614460_1096130190462930_670926643_oes and islands is a memory that is tattooed on my heart forever. As a first time traveller, l didn’t really know what to expect. The idea of being in a new environment for a long time had me both excited and a little anxious. However, travelling with a friend definitely made it that much more special to share the unique journey and all it would entail.  Most importantly, what did remain was an open attitude to embrace the different culture, environment and experience life through a fresh perspective.


Thailand is a truly special place, it didn’t take too long before l fell in love with the people and the place. Firstly, the amazing warm embrace from the people follows you, no matter which Island you find yourself at and there is never a hungry  or dull moment, with street food and stalls buzzing well into the night.

Getting used to the heat…  24/7 was the first drastic change, alongside with nearly getting run over every time we would try to cross the road; it quickly became apparent that the Bangkok traffic light system is more – hold your breath and hope you make it! Differences soon became apparent, however what is amazing about travelling is that it pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

My photo gallery now includes cuddling with elephants, a Thai cooking experience, island views, a wild tuk tuk ride, the breathtaking Bangkok skyline and even a selfie with monkeys! On top of this, l have a new perspective towards life and l am truly motivated to work hard and experience more of the world.


l am now convinced that travelling is absolutely necessary in the process of growth. You learn, you reflect and you shift your perspectives. It is for these reasons l would urge anyone to do it!

Make a plan, save and make it happen.

By Vimbai Chigwangwa


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