What are your motives?

As we jump headfirst into a new year, one of the most popular new year resolutions have often been to get fit and healthy leading to a massive rise in memberships in January only for attendance to massively fall off in February. I believe while the intentions to get a gym membership and start eating well are good, often the motivations are skewed so the will to better you will never truly last long-term. To skip the short term New Year resolutions and to make it a long term bettering yourself lifestyle change, read my quick tips below.

Slow but steady

Do not let the excitement of a new hobby throw you head first into a frenzy, booking every class, deciding you will go to the gym six times a week, swearing off all your favourite treats because I promise you – you will burn out REAL quick. Start off slow, incorporate more fruits in your fridge; timetable gym in twice or three times a week. This way, by not going cold turkey, you are much less likely to relapse into old patterns and instead, get the key steady discipline needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle change throughout the year, not just the first few weeks of January.

Be Realistic

While one big benefit of living a healthier lifestyle is looking good, I maintain that you should not train with just your looks in mind. By just training to look ‘better’, you may be expecting very unrealistic, very quick results when living a healthy lifestyle in the long term doesn’t necessarily work that way. This goes back to the title – changing your motives to that of wanting to successfully sustain a healthy lifestyle, not a quick transformation. When you are more realistic with your goals, you will be happier and more determined to continue with the task in hand.

Do it for you!

Last but not least, wanting to change you for the better shouldn’t be for anyone but yourself. Not for the attraction of the opposite sex, not for social media or for the compliments you might get from family – For yourself! By taking other people out of the equation, you are really putting the responsibility of your own health into your hands and who does not want to transform their own lives for the better?

By Chenai Chambers




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