Winter Tips for Natural Hair

During the winter months, weather conditions are a lot harsher – drop in temperature, cold winds…snow (just thinking about it makes me sad). With this change in weather, naturals should decide to also change their hair regimen, in order to protect your hair from damage. Below are tips for caring for natural hair during winter:

1. Protective styles always
Protective styles tend to be used all-year round but are especially more important during winter. Hair is more vulnerable during colder conditions, especially the ends. Protective styling ensures that ends are not exposed.

Some of my winter-go-to protective styles include:
– Marley twists
– Box braids
– Two-strand twists
– Wigs
– Crochet braids
– Wearing a hat!
All can be DIY styles that can save you a fortune and allow you have add your own personal touch.

Some YouTube videos to check out:
Marley twists:

Crochet braids:

Box braids:

2. Moisturise hair daily/often – making sure to seal ends

My hair gets dry very easily even during summer so I basically double up on moisture during winter. When moisturising hair the most popular method to use (I use this method too) is:
L – liquid
O – oil
C – cream
During the winter I make sure I use heavier oils and creams to moisturise my hair including olive oil, castor oil and shea butter. There is also the old-school hair grease that is used by some as a sealant (interesting article here:


3. Change hair washing regime
To be totally honest, I’m not generally one of those naturals who spends the whole day washing my hair, I like to keep it as brief (but effective) as possible. Your washing regime during winter is very important as it can introduce some much needed moisture. Some sub-tips include:

– Stay away from high-sulphate shampoos: these shampoos can be very drying, stripping the hair strands of moisture. Instead go for a low-sulphate or sulphate free shampoo. My current shampoo is Tresemme Keratin Smooth shampoo, I also use black soap at times. Additionally, it is not a good idea to shampoo your hair too often due to the drying effect it can have on hair.

– Make sure you pre-poo: this should be done before you wash your hair and involves applying an oil/oils of your own choice (I tend to use olive oil). You can also turn this into a hot oil treatment by heating the oil in a bowl of hot water. Heat opens the cuticle of the hair and allows moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. (You can use the same oils as you would for a pre-poo)

– Deep condition – Deep conditioning is the process of adding moisture or protein to the hair. This prevents dry hair, breakage and split ends. During winter, natural hair is more vulnerable and likely to get damaged, so deep conditioning is crucial. My favourite deep conditioner at the moment is the Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair – Deep Treatment Masque (product review can be found here:

4. Maintain healthy lifestyle – during winter months we can get lazy with exercising and eating well, have to remember to stay healthy! Having a balanced diet and exercising contributes to healthy hair growth! 🙂

By Sedina Lewis

Instagram: sed_lewis

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