4 Top Tips for relationships in uni


  • Don’t settle because of loneliness: There is a lot of free time outside of lectures and seminars. I think that some of he loneliest times are in the evenings. If you’re out then you’re out at a society event, have a part time job, or getting ready to go out clubbing. If you want an evening in then it will be your housemates or your friends. However, you cant be with someone every evening and it can get lonely, especially when you start to run out of TV shows to watch. As a general rule of thumb, people tend to make silly decision while they’re bored. This is evident with a lot of girls going for guys who they wouldn’t have even seriously considered while living at home. My point is, don’t settle because you’re feeling lonely.
  • Take your tiiiimmmeee: Time in uni goes by a lot faster than when you’re at home. It is partially because you have so much free time so you’re socialising more often than you would at home, but also because a semester is actually a relatively short period time which seems longer than it really is. You cant really know someone well in three months, it just feels a lot longer than it is because unlike living at home, you have the freedom to see them whenever you want, as often as you want. Just because you’re spending more time with someone, doesn’t mean you really know them. To know someone is to experience various life events with them and see how they are at their highs and lows, not just how they are while they are trying to impress you at the beginning (and a 3 month long semester is the very beginning of a relationship)
  • Be fair with money: You are both dependent on that government loan. Likelihood is that neither of you are balling, so don’t expect the guy to always pay when you go out on dates. I saw one of the BkChat London episodes which was discussing whether the guy should pay on the first date. Personally I think it should be split on the first date since both people are interested and agreeing to attend. Then afterwards, if the guy wants to show chivalry then he can pay for the next few dates until you’re ‘seeing each other’. Each to their own in terms of sorting out that paying arrangement to be honest but while you’re both students, one should not EXPECT more from the other.
  • Uni is the best time to get over a relationship: Why? Because it is the epitome of the saying ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea’. There will never be another time in which you are surrounded by good looking, intelligent people from all around the world. I say ‘good looking’ because most of them will be young. I say ‘intelligent’ because they are likely to have extra curricula activities and passions along with their degree. I say ‘all around the world’ because universities are filled with international students on study abroad or completing their whole degree in the UK. You can socialise with as many different people as you like just by attending a few different society events. Make full use of that and don’t get tied down, wallowing over a relationship that has ended. Learn the lessons from what has passed and make a better decision for who you choose next.

By Priscilla McGregor-Kerr



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