Noir Escape Launch

Noir Escape launches with their first event “Chocolate and Chill” this coming Valentine’s weekend, 18th Feb.


Noir Escape is the first bar catered for the working millennial, with a focus on celebrating Black British Culture. For those nights you don’t want to turn up hard, but you don’t fancy staying at home watching Match of the Day or Britain’s Got Talent, Noir Escape is the perfect alternative.

As 1/3 of the team behind Noir Escape, I know all too well how the bar scene in London does not cater to young people from the urban inner city. If not at a rave our options are pretty limited. A dingy whetherspoons or an overpriced pub that has Oasis and S Club 7 on loop spring to mind. (Nothing wrong with a bit of Oasis, but it’s not every day!) I came up with the concept of Noir Escape to fill this void, meaning those awkward nights shouting over awful music in a bar or those boring Saturday nights in front of the telly are a thing of the past!

As a celebration of Black British culture, we aim to provide and relaxed and fun environment for people to chill, socialise whilst feeling welcomed and accepted. This lies at the core of everything we do.

Our inaugural event “Chocolate and Chill” will be held at the esteemed Dark Sugars chocolate shop on Brick Lane on Saturday 18th Feb. We have partnered with some leading Black British businesses that will have their own concessions on the night providing food, drinks and merchandise. There will also be plenty of themed events as well as acts performing on the night.

Founded by three young Black entrepreneurs, we all sincerely hope that Noir Escape will mean as much to you, the people for whom it was created, as it does to us.

Aside from all else, where better to spend Valentine’s weekend than in a chocolate shop?!  

Purchase your tickets to Noir Escape’s launch “Chocolate and Chill” here:

Twitter: @noirescape_

Insta: @noir_escape


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