Self Love

Valentine’s Day is around the corner a day full of showered gifts, romance and dread (for some singletons). I think it’s lovely to have a day that celebrates love but I also feel that it’s a money-making hype for the gifting industry.

After New Year I went shopping for my 2017 diary and was suddenly bombarded by pink and red love hearts and Valentines cards.I had just gotten over the festive period and February 14th seemed miles away. It felt forced which made me think about relationships in general.

Everyone seems to be looking for love. Numerous online dating sites popping up regularly on our TV screens, the latest dating apps a hot topic in conversations and new quiz shows focused on looking for the perfect partner.   

There seems to be an urgency to find ‘the one’ and to settle down but before we go into any relationship I think it’s important to be one with ourselves and feel comfortable in our own skin.

It’s easy to be or feel self-conscious in this era where social media is a big part of our lives and societies perception of beauty doesn’t always reflect or celebrate our individual quirks and perfect imperfections. People often comparing themselves to ‘Celebrities’ and ‘Instagram Beauties’ which can distort our perceptions of ourselves.

In order to have a healthy relationship I think it’s important that we know our self-worth and have an inner self confidence. A lack of self-love can lead to blindness and overlooked abuse or mistreatment in a relationship. I’ve had a stammer since I was 4 and when I hit my late teens I really struggled with my speech.This is a crucial time in a young person’s life and it was a struggle to form relationships and bonds. I lacked confidence, was frustrated and embarrassed and found it hard expressing myself never mind talking to boys!

Now at 24 years old I’m more secure within myself and proud of my impediment and would be more assertive and comfortable when it comes to relationships than my younger self. Fashion blogging also gave me a great boost and helped me express myself creatively through style and writing.

Confidence is key and a bright energy will attract the right people/partner into your life. Maybe even helping you pluck up the courage to speak to your crush or make you realise what qualities you want in a partner.

We’re only human and embracing our flaws is a sense of empowerment. No one can knock you or bring you down if you’re aware and proud of yourself. Be proud of the skin you’re in. An impediment shows the strength of your character, every scar and stretchmark is a beauty mark with a story and you can’t spell cellulite with ‘lit.

So, before you go looking for love make sure you love yourself.

Mekisha / Fashion By A Fro


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