Do It Now Now Retail: Anti-Pop Review

I was fortunate enough to have been extended an invitation to Do it now now first retail anti-pop event, focused on connecting businesses in the black hair and beauty industry to the best in marketing, PR, branding and Funding professionals to assist them in learning what it takes to run a healthy, scalable and sustainable business. Here’s a quick run down of the event.

On the day I was met by the friendly face of Bayo Adelaja one of the founders of DINN Africa, and seated in a very modern and creative space (). The event consisted of:

Two panels: The hair and beauty business panel and the hair and beauty entrepreneurial skills panel

Two spotlights: One with a focus on PR given by Ronke Lawal and the other by Joy Joses the founder of Melanmag on getting into magazines.

Retailers Pitch: Where retailer gave crucial advice on how to create and present the ideal brand pitch

Breakout Sessions: Brands broke out into smaller group sessions taken by professionals who covered a variety challenges faced by start-ups.

One on Ones: Giving brands the chance to meet with professional one-to-one for tailored advice.


The Review

I guess the main question is, would I recommend this event to others. My answer to that is 1000%.

Firstly, the event lasted from 10:00 – 5:00 (a full day event), and in this time DiNN were able to create a diverse programme, that would meet a variety of different needs for the businesses present. It was clear that they as a team had thoroughly considered how best to organise the event and that they valued the time and money that each individual had foregone to attend and thus wanted to give them the utmost value within the space of time. Events like this can predominantly include panel discussions which can fall into the trap of becoming quite tedious, with a feeling of just being talk at. However as you can see from the brief programme above, the retail: anti-pop did not have this problem.

Secondly, it was a great environment for networking, I commended them particularly on their choice of venue as it allowed for personal interactions but also vibrant group discussions. I was able to make mutually beneficial connections with some of the attendees with the possibility of collaborations in the future.

Thirdly, I was highly impressed by the esteem and breadth of industry professionals who attended. Despite not being a business particularly rooted in the black hair and beauty industry I will still able to learn and adapt most of the advice into my own strategy for The Move. I believe this was made possible due of the range of experiences each individual had.

Lastly,  the overall presentation and organisation of the event was brilliant. As I mentioned before, the day was thoroughly thought out to cater to all and from the very entrance a light and friendly atmosphere was established. At each seat we were given feedback cards, a note pad to jot down notes, a badge and even the wifi password for the building. These small details make all the difference for me.


Want to get involved?  DiNN next Anti-pop event is on 24th June, follow the link for more information or follow their social media @DiNNAfrica

By Toro Kehinde                                                           


The Move

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