Ekua Haizel

Ekua Haizel is a charity focused on the new Africa. Africa is on the rise and we don’t want anyone to miss the elevation. Our aim is to get the diaspora to contribute to the continent and its development. We hold events to alter their perception on the continent. As well as yearly trips to Ghana called Sankofa Tours, with aims to increase their visibility of the continent too. We have one of these events coming up July 22nd at Chiswick school, 1pm called 5Drive – Experience Africa. Like Ekua Haizel on Facebook to find all the details about our up coming event !!!

What was your starting inspiration?

Africa is on the rise. Africa’s biggest assets are their people and once we the people, either on the continent or diaspora begin to realise this we will be able to facilitate and advance this elevation. There is a need for us to take back our mother land.

What has been the hardest part?

Getting people to come to the events. Getting people to join the team, mainly getting people to believe in the idea. To commit to it and help me for a cause that I truly believe is worthy.

What has been the most rewarding part?

When we are in Ghana for Sankofa Tours the time we spend in the orphanages and the fun the children have. It’s so amazing to see all our fundraising and hard work pay off. And the experience the volunteers have. May aim is for them to experience Africa to fall in love with it like I did. And when you see that happen it’s so rewarding. For then tonne shocked by the beauty of Africa that they don’t show on mainstream media.

What’s the future of Ekua Haizel?

We plan to have more events both social and academic to fully engage as many individuals within the diaspora as possible. We want to have some events in Ghana too as this development needs big parts to come together not just one side. In a few years we’ll hopefully be touring in other African countries too.

How did you come up with the name?

Ekua Haizel. Ekua is a name given for Wednesday born in Ghana and haizel is my grandmothers surname. Basically Gillian Adjaye is Ekua Haizel and Ekua Haizel is me. Family is a big part of my work so I couldn’t leave that out from the name.

Funniest or most interesting moment so far?

On the Tours we were in the Accra orphanage and we met Leicester city football player Daniel Amartey. He came to give a donation and we got to speak with him and take pictures. That was fun. And kakum national park in Ghana some volunteers were afraid of heights which made the canopy walk very interesting and difficult.


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