Staying hydrated in summer

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The glorious British summer days are upon us and once again the bees are buzzing and the BBQs are popping (my DMs are open for invites).  In between all this fun it is so easy to forget to maintain your water intake, below are some of my tips on how I keep hydrated in the summer heat:

Always carry a water bottle

Maintaining your daily water intake is easier if you always have a bottle of water with you.  That is why I believe a reusable bottle is the most important accessory of the summer. Also, reusable bottles are cheap, easy to refill and overall better for the environment.

*Pro-tip: Use a marked water bottle if possible because it ensures more accurate tracking of your water intake

Add some flavour

For some people drinking water is incredibly difficult because they can’t stand the taste- or lack of it. I recommend adding a slice of lemon and lime to give the water some flavour, you could also infuse the water with fruits such as melon and berries.Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 20.44.53

Take a sip before each meal

This is one habit I try to implement daily because I find it very easy to mistake thirst for hunger. I also find that drinking water at regular intervals during the day makes it easier to build a drinking habit and it also prevents me from stuffing myself when I eat.

Use an app

Phone have so many great apps for tracking your daily water intake and my current favourite is Plant Nanny which is free on both android and iOS. It is a cute water reminder app that encourages you to drink the correct amount of water so your virtual plant stays alive.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 20.47.19

What are your tips for staying hydrated in the summer sun, please comment below. 

By Rahmat Junaid


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