CurlyTreats Festival Review

Following up from our interview with Vinna Best, the founder of the CurlyTreats Festival (previously know as natural hair week) we were kindly invited to the event to see it in action.

We were greeted by a friendly face, quickly checked on the guest list and set free to roam the ‘marketplace’. Once we stepped into the main hall, I was almost at a loss for where to begin.

The room was animated, filled with curls of all sizes and melanin of different shades., It’s so rare to be able to attend an event that’s FUBU (for us by us) and you could feel the excitement amongst both customers and exhibitors which was refreshing to see. I was pleasantly surprised by the array of businesses who attended the event. From hair, skin and beauty exhibitors to clothes, art, male grooming stalls. It was truly an event that aimed to cater to all, no matter your interest. Not only this but it was great to see small to large black businesses being represented.

From Cantu to House of Loulee

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It gave all businesses of all sizes the chance to showcase their work; this is something that, in our interview, Vinna had expressed specific satisfaction and pride in that her event allowed her to achieve.

The atmosphere was lively, everyone excited by the prospect of gaining new hair or skin care knowledge, including myself. Which is why I attended the GroHealthy: Hair Education workshop, by award winning stylist Marlene Abuah. Marlene gave a demonstration on two hair curl types using GroHealthy’s natural hair care range. It was an interactive session where people were free ask for advice about their own hair difficulties. From this tutorial there was no way I was going to leave empty handed, since I could see their products working in real time, so I bought ‘flexible styling snot’ from (GroHealthys sister company) Creme of nature.

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Final Thoughts

Given my glowing review so far, it shouldn’t be a shock if I tell you to this is a must go to event for you hair and beauty lovers. However, even if you aren’t interested in just hair and beauty I would still recommend this event. The were a lot of workshops and tutorials I didn’t get to experience that would have been of interest to someone else. For example the EmpowerHER event, and a women’s empowerment talk by the women of curltureuk. I believe this event is also really great for networking and don’t even get me started on the discounts!!

So look out for tickets for next years event!

By Toro Kehinde                                                         


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