Getting Through University

Getting Through University

Honestly, I’m sure you are wondering what university is really like. We always hear about it being the place where you meet your lifelong friends, or how much you drink during fresher’s, and missing possibly the most important lectures you will ever have, due to having so much fun with all your friends. But the truth is it can be a lot more serious than that.

Those friends you have spent so much time with can become enemies very quickly, and you can find yourself spinning out of control, and feeling very down.

I have a few tips on how to stay present during a time when you can feel the most alone.



  • Go home as often as you can1


Being away from the university environment often, not only helps to restore some sanity and normality, but it can help you centre yourself every so often.

When you get to university everyone is in a mad rush to make friends and it is very easy to get attached to the wrong people, or people who initially mesh with your personality, but later can add to so much of the anxiety that comes with university life.



  • Take daily walks


Being in a 4 by 4 university halls room, can be a very stressful environment. Combined with lack of sleep, lack ofmoney, and sometimes lonely nights can leave you feeling very depressed.2

I found myself in this very position about 4 months into my first year at university.

I suggest going for walks around your campus or into town just to fill your brain with oxygen and getting fresh air does help to get rid of some of that built up anxiety.


  • Don’t be afraid to Talk


During your time in university, you will have many services available to you. Some of these include counseling services where you can have chats with someone from the counseling team about how your feeling and even about getting help with university. Most universities know how stressful this time can be, and so provide these services to keep all students healthy.


Some of us may feel that we are bigger than our problems but in times of trouble they can see as if they tower way above you, utilise these services and just talk, sometimes it helps if it’s someone you don’t know, and you can avoid judgment and unwanted opinions.



  • Treasure the good Friends


It is true that you can come across a lot of “fake friends” but there are many friends who are lifelong and very encouraging. Although it might be only one or two true friends they can really help to make your experience.


There is no specific way to filter out these bad friends, everyone experiences the, but it is important to take your time in getting to know people, because people do change.

Good friends don’t come along often, so during hard times keep them close, most of the time they can see destruction coming your way and can help to steer you away from that. Not only are friend’s great social influences but they can also encourage you with completing your university work.


  • Enjoy it


Lastly In order to get the best out of your experience, remember it is your experience don’t let anyone dictate how you should spend your time. Try to enjoy it as much as possible. (Not on nights you have lectures the next morning). This experience only comes around once in a lifetime so do enjoy it. A lot of things can happen during this time even if your primary objective is to study, it’s all about having fun in moderation. Using all these steps can give you that edge to succeed, while enjoying your time on campus.


By Teniola Opara

Aspiring Academic

Twitter: @Miss__tee

Instagram: Blogundergrad

Website link:

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