This is why you should continually invest in your knowledge

Learning doesn’t stop after University. 

Once people graduate, it seems that ‘learning’ comes to a silent halt. Whilst there are a few people that embark on a master’s degree, most people tend to venture into a graduate role. As a result, the pressure or stress of their role burns them out and leaves them with no energy to learn something new. 

We now live in a society that is able to access knowledge. From podcasts to seminars, gaining knowledge is inexpensive. 

 There are many sneaky ways to upgrade your knowledge, but I feel that this is often met with “but I have no time”, or “I have no mental energy”. You don’t need to be at a desk for hours and hours to up your knowledge. Lunch breaks, commutes and holidays are a great way to squeeze some learning time. 

Learning more allows you to earn more, do more and achieve more — even if you are in a 9–5 job. 

“Education is an investment in yourself. One that can pay you more dividends than anything you will ever invest in” — Darius Foroux 

I once wrote a poem a called “ Pawn my intelligence”. 

“I wouldn’t trade my intelligence for all the money in the world. After all how would one spend these coins and notes without any logical sense involved”? — That’s a snippet. But it reminded me of quote I heard in The Karate Kid Movie, (the old school version). 

“Ambition without Knowledge is like a boat on dry land”. 

Which lead me to realise that you can’t do much if you don’t continuously invest in your knowledge. The brain goes through some changes when a person stops attending school, receiving tuition or engaging in intellectually stimulating conversations for a long period of time. 

Investing in your knowledge allows you to make better decisions, gives you more opportunities in life and the opportunity to earn more. Knowledge is a possession that you can never lose if you keep investing in it. Studies have also found that long-life learning can boost your well-being, improve your self-esteem, increase life-satisfaction, optimism and belief in your abilities. 

It is always possible to squeeze in some learning time and learn something new, whether it be a new language or a skill. The best place to start is to find out what interests you. 

Learning, reading and practising something new is not easy, and that’s why most people don’t do it. 

But you should do it anyway. 

By Freda L.N



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