It wasn’t cool to be African at school

My name is Tamala Ceasar and I’m an independent filmmaker who produces under my brand She Produces
I produce, direct and edit newsworthy documentaries that focus on controversial and topical issues e.g divorce in the Church, the conflict between being woke and being religious and the experiences of first-generation Africans and Caribbeans settling in the UK (see my debut doc, The D Word and my second production Can you be woke and be a Christian).
I’m in the process of launching my brand my new documentary ‘Leaving home at 7’ on the 12th October, which delves into the experiences and journeys of being a first-generation Afro-Caribbean in the UK, stereotypes, racism, wind rush scandal and all.
Much like my other documentaries, this production is quite close to my heart because I am a first-generation Guyanese who left home to live in the UK at age seven, and I think the experiences of moving to the UK as a person of colour is quite unique and insightful- and it hasn’t been documented in this way as yet. 
Also, given the current climate that we’re living in where ‘foreigners’ are seen quite negatively, along with the connotations of the term ‘immigrants’, my documentary debunks  these notions by giving a real insight on the perspective of now Brits who had left their homes elsewhere to adopt to a new culture and new land (even new language), yet are making positive contributions to the UK. Participants in my documentary include (there are eight in total, myself included): 

King Cas – Group Chat star on The Wall of Comedy

Keyshia Davis– Editor of national UK mag, Black Hair magazine

Maxie Hayles– Author and activist, Windrush Brit and policy maker

I have created short a social vid from the full documentary ‘It wasn’t cool to be African at school’ which can be viewed here:–EU

Tamala Ceasar

Video Producer, Journalist & Presenter




The Move

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