Jan 17, Your Culture

Winter Tips for Natural Hair

During the winter months, weather conditions are a lot harsher – drop in temperature, cold winds…snow (just thinking about it makes me sad). With this change in weather, naturals should decide to also change their hair regimen, in order to protect your hair from damage. Below are tips for caring for natural hair during winter: […]

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Apr 16, Your Culture

Au Natural?

There is no denying that we as human beings, especially females, are obsessed with our hair with the average women spending almost £50,000 on hair and beauty products by the time they hit 40. But why is this the case? This isn’t a new phenomenon, even the bible makes reference to a woman’s hair in […]

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Mar 16, Your Culture

I went natural…accidentally

I used to perm my hair religiously. Every six weeks, come rain or shine I was about that creamy crack. Natural hair was not on my radar, I wasn’t interested, wasn’t about it, it did not apply to me: I had that tough hair you see. As with most things life very much got in […]

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Mar 16, Your Move

Suave Cuts interview

Inspiring you on your next move This month’s inspirational male entrepreneur: Fadi Ford   Q: Tell us a bit about the business Suave Cuts is a barber business that provides ‘great haircuts at student prices’. I enjoy the atmosphere in barber shops. Like you relax and talk about football. It’s very laid back. Also, doing […]

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