Oct 18, Your Move

Melanin Medics and The Racial Disparities In UK Medicine

Melanin Medics is an organisation dedicated to supporting the UK community of African-Caribbean aspiring medics, medical students and medical professionals – while also tackling the underrepresentation of African-Caribbean’s in UK Medicine. Melanin Medics has been focused on implementing practical, effective and positive solutions to help overcome underrepresentation and the multiple socio-economic barriers in the medical […]

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Nov 16, Your Culture

Why I Changed my name.

A few weeks ago I listened to a short clip of an interview by former blue peter presenter Andy Akinwolere (see link below for the clip) if you watched blue peter back in the day many of you would recognise him, but if not look to the left for his photo. In the interview he […]

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Apr 16, Your Move

Why Recruitment Is Just Like Online Dating!

Unrealistic Expectations – We all have our perfect match in mind. Mine being a tall South American who loves Arsenal and Little Mix.  Whilst it is an ideal I dream about way too much and genuinely believe I will find each time I login to my dating app. In reality the chances are slim to […]

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