May 18, Your Move

How to get into fitness

I actually was inspired to get back into fitness whilst on a study year abroad. I wanted to be as fit as I was during my time at school. I remembered the days I was competitive and used to be involved in rugby, skipping and good at cross country. I was not as active as […]

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Feb 18, Your World

Being Black and Beating Health Issues

“If you’re black, you’re going to die sooner than your white counterparts and you’re going to suffer from more serious diseases” – John Whyte, M.D., MPH   Disturbing statement, right? Unfortunately, the quote supports a number of resources (including the NHS) that confirm that in comparisons to other cultures, people of African and African Caribbean […]

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Jan 17, Your Culture

What are your motives?

As we jump headfirst into a new year, one of the most popular new year resolutions have often been to get fit and healthy leading to a massive rise in memberships in January only for attendance to massively fall off in February. I believe while the intentions to get a gym membership and start eating […]

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Nov 16, Your Culture

A weight loss story

There are so many diseases that as black people we are more likely to develop than other ethnic groups and more likely at a younger age e.g. Diabetes, high blood pressure, Strokes etc. Therefore it is essentially that we take care of our bodies through health eating and regular fitness to lower these risks. With […]

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Mar 16, Your Culture

A day in the life of a student bodybuilder

5:45AM: The alarm goes, unfortunately time to get out of bed and have my first already prepared meal. (This is a typical bulk day building up size to competition so no fasted cardio, which would have been the reason for the alarm in the last few weeks leading up to a competition) 6:00AM: Finally out […]

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