May 18, Your Move

Top Tips for Dealing with Stress

As a black female, stress was not in my dictionary growing up. Even if I felt stressed I could not openly admit it, to myself or to others. But as I grew older, I realised how much stress was a part of our daily lives and is something that we face at different stages of […]

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Jun 17, Your Culture


Do you respect yourself? No, do you really respect yourself? I had been investigating the concept of self-respect quite deeply as part of university dissertation but reading an article on at the most opportune time really brought the point home. Self-respect is important. Depending on your definition, self-respect may actually fall into self-love but […]

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Feb 17, Your Culture

Self Love

Valentine’s Day is around the corner a day full of showered gifts, romance and dread (for some singletons). I think it’s lovely to have a day that celebrates love but I also feel that it’s a money-making hype for the gifting industry. After New Year I went shopping for my 2017 diary and was suddenly […]

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Jan 17, Your Culture

What are your motives?

As we jump headfirst into a new year, one of the most popular new year resolutions have often been to get fit and healthy leading to a massive rise in memberships in January only for attendance to massively fall off in February. I believe while the intentions to get a gym membership and start eating […]

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